Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Crew Spotlight: Timothy Dickerson

This week’s Crew Spotlight is Timothy Dickerson!

 Timothy is a Building Service Technician in Alumni Tower! 

Timothy has been working for Facilities Management for a year and a half, and before working here, he worked in construction. 

When asked about his favorite part of this job, Timothy says he likes meeting new people and getting to know the students that live in this building. 

When he is not at work, Timothy enjoys spending time with his grandson.

 If he could spend the day with anyone, Timothy would choose to do with his late mother. Facilities Management appreciates Timothy and all he does for Morehead State University!! 
Timothy Dickerson

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Crew Spotlight: Susan Brown

Susan Brown is a Building Service Technician for MSU Facilities Management. 

Susan has been working at MSU for 14 years. 

Prior to her experience her, she worked in sales for 30 years! 

Susan says her favorite things about her job include the people she works with, her work partner she works with every day, and being able to have something to do with her time. 

When she isn’t working, Susan enjoys reading, specifically suspense novels. 

Susan says if she could spend time with anyone for a day, she would choose to spend time with her children and grand babies. 

MSU Facilities Management is very lucky to have Susan, and we appreciate all of her hard work!

Susan Brown

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Road signs changing on campus

Beginning Jan. 3 the Office of Facilities Management will begin transitioning road name signs on campus.

This is a part of the wayfinding plan that Morehead State University adopted in 2015 to make campus more accessible by visitors and new students.
Grounds crew members will be working to make the signage transition seamless, however there may be times when signs are not put back into place.

The changes should only take two days, depending on temperatures.

“This is a small change that will have a big impact on our campus and demonstrates the quality of our Wayfinding Plan,” said Kim Oatman, assistant vice president for facilities management. “Adopting a standard design for campus allows visitors to better navigate our beautiful campus.”

Facilities Management appreciates the cooperation of the City of Morehead for the approval of city streets on campus to get the new signage.

The changes will only occur on the main campus at this point. Plans to transition road signs at off-campus locations are being made. 

For up-to-date information from Facilities Management visit or follow Facilities on Facebook and Twitter.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Crew Spotlight: Lisa Adkins

This week’s Crew Spotlight is Lisa Adkins, a Building Service Technician for Facilities Management. Lisa has been working at MSU for 17 years now, and before working with Facilities Management, she worked with MSU Dining Services.

Lisa says her favorite part of this job is when she receives compliments on the buildings she works in, and people tell her how nice they look.

When Lisa is not at work, she takes business classes at MSU, and enjoys spending time on Facebook.

If she could hang out with anyone for a day, Lisa would choose to do so with her mother.

Facilities Management appreciates Lisa and all the work she does!

Lisa Adkins

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Crew Spotlight: Darlene Ramey

This week’s Crew Spotlight is Darlene Ramey, who is a Building Service Technician for Facilities Management! Darlene services many buildings, including the AAC, Mays Hall, the Kentucky Center for Traditional Music, the Folk Art Center, Procurement Services, and wherever else she is needed. Darlene has been working at MSU and is preparing to soon retire! Before working at MSU, Darlene was employed at Pizza Hut and Island Gas Mart. When asked about the best part of her job, Darlene says it is the good people she works with, and that she enjoys getting to know the basketball players. When she is not at work, Darlene enjoys spending time dirt track racing. If she could spend time with anyone for a day, she would chose to do so with one of the dirt track race car drivers, because she says they are good people and fun to be around. MSU Facilities Management is lucky to have Darlene, and we appreciate all of her hard work and dedication!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Filter Changes occurring over Christmas Break

Our crew members will be working during the holiday break changing filters and we wanted to make sure our students were aware. Below is the list of dates and residence halls they will be in. 

Andrews Hall- Dec. 11-13 (Students: please move items away from closet doors)
Nunn Hall- Dec. 13-15 (Students: please move items so they do not to block heater/AC units)
Alumni Tower- Dec. 18-21
Mignon Complex- Dec. 26-29

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Crew Spotlight: Terry White

Meet Terry White, MSU Facilities Management’s Director of Construction and Engineering Services and Interim Asst. Vice President for Facilities Management! Terry is an MSU alum; he graduated with a bachelor's in Government and Construction Technology in 1989, Graphic Communications in 2006, and then a master's in Information Technology in 2007. He has worked at MSU for 17 years. Before coming here, he worked in sales and estimates at Big 4 Lumber. Terry says his favorite part of the job is encountering something different every day. When he isn’t working, Terry enjoys spending his time golfing and woodworking. If he could hang out with anyone- dead or alive- for a day, Terry would like to meet Willie Mays. MSU Facilities is lucky to have Terry, and we very much appreciate all of his hard work!