Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Crew Spotlight: Darlene Ramey

This week’s Crew Spotlight is Darlene Ramey, who is a Building Service Technician for Facilities Management! Darlene services many buildings, including the AAC, Mays Hall, the Kentucky Center for Traditional Music, the Folk Art Center, Procurement Services, and wherever else she is needed. Darlene has been working at MSU and is preparing to soon retire! Before working at MSU, Darlene was employed at Pizza Hut and Island Gas Mart. When asked about the best part of her job, Darlene says it is the good people she works with, and that she enjoys getting to know the basketball players. When she is not at work, Darlene enjoys spending time dirt track racing. If she could spend time with anyone for a day, she would chose to do so with one of the dirt track race car drivers, because she says they are good people and fun to be around. MSU Facilities Management is lucky to have Darlene, and we appreciate all of her hard work and dedication!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Filter Changes occurring over Christmas Break

Our crew members will be working during the holiday break changing filters and we wanted to make sure our students were aware. Below is the list of dates and residence halls they will be in. 

Andrews Hall- Dec. 11-13 (Students: please move items away from closet doors)
Nunn Hall- Dec. 13-15 (Students: please move items so they do not to block heater/AC units)
Alumni Tower- Dec. 18-21
Mignon Complex- Dec. 26-29

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Crew Spotlight: Terry White

Meet Terry White, MSU Facilities Management’s Director of Construction and Engineering Services and Interim Asst. Vice President for Facilities Management! Terry is an MSU alum; he graduated with a bachelor's in Government and Construction Technology in 1989, Graphic Communications in 2006, and then a master's in Information Technology in 2007. He has worked at MSU for 17 years. Before coming here, he worked in sales and estimates at Big 4 Lumber. Terry says his favorite part of the job is encountering something different every day. When he isn’t working, Terry enjoys spending his time golfing and woodworking. If he could hang out with anyone- dead or alive- for a day, Terry would like to meet Willie Mays. MSU Facilities is lucky to have Terry, and we very much appreciate all of his hard work!

Friday, November 17, 2017

National Adoption Month

Lori Ann and Jewell
My story begins with my parents, Kenny and Kathy, and their immense love for children. After fostering and patiently waiting on an adoption list for 13 years, Catholic Charities of Louisville placed my older sister, Jewell, in my family’s loving arms. As Jewell grew, she realized she was lonely and wanted a little sister she could play with, and eventually, boss around (an endeavor in which she very much succeeded). So, after placing themselves back on the list to adopt, my parents continued to wait. At times they were skeptical, because receiving and adopting two children is an unlikely occasion. However, like my parents always do, they remained hopeful and had great faith.
After what had seemed like forever, one day, my mom Kathy received a phone call from Catholic Charities. There was a birth mother who was due very soon, and wanted her baby girl to be placed in a loving family with an older sibling. The Dobson family was a perfect match!

Bound with endless excitement, my family prepared for another little baby to arrive at her forever home. In fact, the entire neighborhood waited my arrival! Then, on April 3rd, 1998, my dad, Kenny, received a phone call while at work, driving his eighteen-wheeler. My birth mother, on the other line, informed my dad that she was in labor. It was finally time! My dad turned his truck around and headed straight toward my birthmother as quickly as he could. When he arrived at her house he quite literally picked her up, as he carried her down the stairs, into his truck, and into the hospital. No one was around to help, so he grabbed a doctor by the arm, and waited alongside my mom and birth mother for the next thirteen hours that she was in labor.
Baby Lori Ann with her parents
On April 4th, 1998, a four pound little girl, Lori Ann Elizabeth Dobson was born. For the next ten days, I remained in the hospital, frequently visited by people who simply could not wait to meet me! Finally, when I was brought home, there was a huge celebration. A family of three became four; perfect and complete.

Ten months later, February 22, 1999, my family waited nervously in the lobby of the Bullitt County Courthouse. The judge signed the papers that finalized my adoption as official! This was the happiest day of my parents’ lives (according to me, of course). From then on, February 22nd has been my favorite day of the year. As a child, my mom and dad would both leave work early, pick my sister and I up from school, and let me pick any place I wanted to go to spend the evening. No matter if it was Chuck E. Cheese or the Olive Garden, my sister and parents would always make my day so special.
I like to say I was the luckiest baby in the world. I have been raised in a very large family who has never once made me question how much I am loved. No matter how goofy or strange they are, I couldn’t imagine my life without them. No matter how your family became yours, they will always be family. Adoption is so beautiful and should be celebrated. Every adopted kid has their story, but mine just happens to be my favorite.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Crew Spotlight: Travis Jolley

Travis Jolley’s role at MSU Facilities Management is a locksmith and maintenance technician, which involves extensive knowledge on and operation and installation of keys, locks, handicap openers, and card readers. This means Travis has knowledge on literally every door on campus! Travis has worked at MSU for six years, in which he began as a maintenance technician, and is now a Tech 2. Before working here, Travis was a correctional officer in a prison for 10 years. Travis’ favorite part of his job are the challenges it presents. He says this job requires learning something new every day. When Travis isn’t working, he enjoys being a parent. Additionally, he likes hunting, fishing, and being a committee member for the Cave Run chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation. The best concert Travis ever attended was a Ted Nugent concert. MSU Facilities is very lucky to have Travis as a part of our team! We appreciate all his hard work! Stay tuned every Wednesday for another Crew Spotlight. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Crew Spotlight: Kay Hampton

This week’s Crew Spotlight is Kay Hampton, who most people just like to call “Momma”. In fact, she is the momma of Chris Hampton, last week’s Crew Spotlight! Kay is a Building Services Manager and has been working at MSU for twenty-two and a half years! Kay manages around 50 building technicians. Before working at MSU, Kay held a variety a jobs, such as working for her dad’s trucking company for six years, a daycare, for the billing department for ten years, for Stamper’s concrete for four years, and she worked at Pasquale’s through high school! In addition, she worked for the Greyhound Bus Company alongside her mother and other family members. Kay admires her mother for being a very strong woman.
Kay has training in “a little bit of everything,” but more specifically, she has Hazardous Chemical, Frist Aid and Safety, Manager and Supervisor, and APPA training. She is also well trained in using a variety of maintenance equipment. Her favorite part of her job is working with her staff and taking care of the students. She says she has students from twenty years ago ask how she is and come talk to her. She says she loves these students dearly, would do anything for them, and it makes her feel good that they want to come back and see her.
When Kay isn’t working, she loves to go camping and attend bluegrass festivals. In fact, she says she plans all year to be able to go to them! If she could hang out with any person, dead or alive, for a day, she would choose to spend time with Sam Elliott, her favorite actor.

We appreciate all of Kay’s hard work and dedication to Facilities Management. We are lucky to have her! Stay tuned every Wednesday for another Crew Spotlight! 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Crew Spotlight: Chris Hampton

Chris Hampton is a Locksmith and Preventative Maintenance Supervisor at MSU, which includes managing keys, locks, handicap door services, and card readers. He manages all the doors on campus- which there are several thousands of! Chris has been here at MSU since graduating high school, which totals to about 21 years. Since being here, Chris has not only completed APPA and supervisor training, but he has worked on the construction crew for seven years, worked with maintenance for one year, and has worked as both a part-time and full-time custodian. In addition to all of that, Chris also has his CDL! Chris says his favorite part of the job is interactions with students, as well as faculty and staff members. When he’s not working, Chris enjoys fishing, hunting, playing softball, golfing, and coaching baseball. Chris says the best concert he ever went to was in 1987, when REO Speedwagon performed in the AAC. MSU Facilities is lucky to have Chris and we appreciate all the hard work he does for us! Stay tuned every Wednesday for another Crew Spotlight!