Thursday, February 25, 2016

Safety First! March Traffic Reminders

March will be a busy month for construction efforts on campus. Please be aware and use caution.

Tuesday, March 1: Temporary Dining
·         A crane will be brought in by pieces and put together on site.
·         There will be limited access at the front of Lloyd Cassity Hall and on Third Street.
·         This will cause congestion on Tippett Ave. when the trucks are arriving and departing from delivering the crane.
·         Transportation will begin between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. Once the delivery is complete traffic will return to normal.
·         The crane will be delivered, put together, complete the placement of the frame, broken down, and will be taken off site.
·         Some congestion will occur around 3 p.m. when the crane is being hauled away.

Thursday- Friday, March 3 and 4: East Parking and Dining
·         A crane will arrive and be delivered on trucks.
·         Traffic will be disrupted on University Blvd. and Earle Clements Dr.
·         Some traffic will be stopped as the trucks arrive in planned intervals.
·         At times, there will be persons directing traffic so that the process can be done smoothly.
·         We encourage students in Alumni Tower to not park in the non-parking zone that is often used for unloading vehicles across from the construction site.
·         MSU Police Department may have to tow if vehicles are left in the path of the trucks.

March 7 through March 25:  East Parking and Dining
·         Pre-cast concrete delivery will begin with 15 to 30 truckloads per day.
·         Installation of the pre-cast concrete will begin once it is on site and continue until March 25.
·         There will be impact on vehicle and pedestrian traffic along University Blvd. and Earle Clements Drive.
·         There will be times when a person is directing traffic.
·         This will not close down the roadway and we encourage those on campus to follow similar traffic directions to the March 3-4 traffic.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Temporary Dining: A Student's Perspective

This is my third year here on Morehead State University’s campus. As far as memories made ON campus, well, outside of class, many of them have been made in one building during that in-between-class transition. 

The Adron Doran University Center, or as we have come to know it as ADUC is where those memories have been made. It has been the main place for me, and many of you alike to eat, socialize, and just kill the time in between classes.  Many last minute study sessions, many laugh until you choke on your food moments, many seating arrangements that you’ve come to know as YOUR spot, all can be credited to ADUC. 

But soon our university center will be closing its doors, at least to the portion that you’ve become accustomed to on a daily basis. (The Bookstore will still be open.)  DON’T WORRY! It’s only temporary. 

The Facilities Management Team has been planning and is now executing measures to improve our beloved ADUC and make it into something you could have never even imagined!

Plans feature various new food options including a sports pub, MOE’s Pizza, Which Wich, and Steak & Shake.  Outside of the food options, it will include a coffee lounge, a theater, multiple student lounges, and more additions to be finalized!

Until that amazing project is complete, the Facilities Management Team still has our best interests in mind!  I’m sure that most of you have noticed the new construction site just outside of the Lloyd Cassity Building and behind Lappin Hall.  This serves a great purpose to us, the students! 

Starting on June 1, following the May 15 shutdown of ADUC, this facility will house the new temporary dining facility. Don’t you worry, they are incorporating many of the fan favorites.  This temporary dining facility will include a Starbucks, a Chick-fil-A, Croutons (yes the wonderful salads are coming with), Asian Express, a Mexican Express, and a pizza/deli eatery.  All of this in preparation for some truly amazing things to happen on this wonderful campus. 

I personally CANNOT wait!  The privileges and amenities that will be offered to us after these projects are complete are going to be Much More than our alumni were ever extended!  It’s a great day to be an Eagle!

Brandon Heinrich, is a junior Engineering Technology student at Morehead State University. 
He is a work study for Facilities Management. Heinrich has been an integral part of developing social media presence and often tours the construction sites, documenting progress.
He is Vice President of Pi Kappa Phi and a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

Safety First! Traffic Alert

Traffic Alert!
The month of March will be very busy for the East Campus Parking Structure and Dining Commons project. There will be significant large truck traffic through the center of the campus beginning with the delivery of a crane on Monday, February 29, and continuing with deliveries of very large pre-cast concrete panels running through March 25. Truck traffic will follow University Boulevard to Earle Clements Drive in the pattern established during earlier delivery phases.

Please be aware that pedestrian and vehicle traffic may be interrupted. Follow @MSU_Facilities for updates.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Safety First! Snow Removal Plan

Snow Removal Plan-General Information

Snow removal and ice control management is extremely important to the continuous operation of Morehead State University during the winter season, which can extend from October through April of each year. Proper removal of snow and control of ice is important to the safety and welfare of the students, faculty, and staff who utilize the campus, and is the explicit task as well as an obligation of the Office of Facilities Management to carry out in an efficient and effective manner. The purpose of this plan is to outline and list overall objectives, responsibilities, and priorities of the crews responsible for carrying out these operations.

Goals and Priorities

The Office of Facilities Management's goal is to keep the campus clear and safe for all the students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

The general priorities for snow/ice removal are listed as follows:

1. Roads, walks, steps, emergency exits, and ramps.

2. Primary walks, ramps, steps, and roads.

3. Parking Lots

4. Secondary walks, ramps, steps, and roads.

*Please refer to the MSU Campus Snow Removal Map for road and sidewalk priorities.

Snow/lce Removal Priorities

There are three (3) priorities within the Snow Removal Plan as defined below:

Priorities are based on a I, 2, and 3 code system: In the event where heavy snow accumulations occur during university business hours, snow removal efforts will be focused on select roads, sidewalks, and building access points. This is to enable crews to maintain at least one clear path to each building.

1.  Priority I areas are considered MSU's high traffic locations and are critical to MSU operations. Please refer to the MSU Campus Snow Removal Map for Priority I areas as the roads and sidewalks will be addressed first when a snow/ice event has occurred. Priority 1 areas are as follows: Administration Building, Academic Buildings, Resident Hall entryways and sidewalks, University Blvd, and Battson-Oats Dr.

2.  Please refer to the MSU Campus Snow/ ice Removal Map for Priority 2 areas .Service to Priority 2 will not begin until all Priority 1 areas are safe for travel. Priority 2 areas are as follows: Playforth Pl., Vaughan Dr., Martindale Dr., Earle Clements Ln., Chandler Pl., Page Dr., Evans Branch Dr., Henry Ward Pl., Fourth St., and Third St. Most parking lots on MSU campus are a Priority 2.

3.  Please refer to the MSU Campus Snow/ ice Removal Map for Priority 3 areas. After Priorities 1 and 2 are safe for travel then Priority 3 will be addressed. The areas in Priority 3 are as follows: Farm, Procurement, KCTM, and KY Folk Art Center.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Staying up to date: A Student's Perspective

Before becoming a work study here at the Facilities Management office, I can honestly say that I was completely unaware of the changes, renovations, and construction that was taking place on campus. 

Not because the information was not there for me to see it but because I did not utilize my resources.
Here’s a little advice for those of you who are feeling like I was. First start with our website. If you’ve never checked it out, you should!

On this page, you can find live feed of the construction on the new parking and dining commons as well as live feed of construction of the new residence hall! I personally think that is pretty neat. You can also click on the construction projects button which tells you about each of the construction plans that are currently going on. Here you can find information about each of the projects such as square footage, cost, etc.

Not only can you learn about the construction but take the time to learn about what Facilities Management does every day to keep campus up and running to best serve us, the students!

Our website also has the links to our social media accounts. Follow our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and of course keep reading this blog for a happening look at the projects and all that goes on in Facilities Management here at Morehead State University!

So if you ever feel like you’re not up to date or you’re out of the loop about what’s going on, take advantage of your resources! Be informed and check out our social media pages and our website. You won’t regret it!

Twitter: @MSU_Facilities
Instagram: msufacilities
Facebook: Morehead State University Facilities Management

Andria Hansford is a junior studying Marketing and Public Relations at Morehead State University.
She is a student employee for Facilities Management. Hansford will be helping develop communication efforts on campus that highlight progress on projects.

She is Intramural Chair for the social sorority, Chi Omega and will be pursuing a graduate degree in Business Administration when she graduates.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hot and Cold: A day in the life at Facilities Management

  As temperatures are rising and falling throughout the ever changing winter season we have in Kentucky, please be aware that Facilities Management will not be able to transition from heating to cooling.
 The process to change the buildings over to heat or air takes about a week- it includes turning off all the heating units (some buildings have multiple), getting chillers filled with coolant, and powering them all up.
  By the time our Building Maintenance team turned the air on, the Kentucky weather would almost certainly be back in the freezing temperatures.
  We cannot return to AC until a spring date, which has yet to be determined. These large industrial units require a lengthy process to prepare and are very different than a home thermostat.

   If your building is warmer than usual, please be patient with us. Facilities Management is dedicated to doing everything in our power to making your experience at Morehead State University, much more enjoyable.