Thursday, April 20, 2017

East Mignon chiller

East Mignon students, 

Thank you for your patience as Facilities Management has worked to repair the chiller in your residence hall. 
We wanted to share some information with you about the process and what has been going on to remedy this situation. 
It is important to know that chillers that are used in buildings the size of East Mignon are much larger than those used in homes. For comparison, a window unit uses about one ton of coolant and the one in your resident hall uses 130 tons of coolant. 
Facilities found a leak in the chiller during the first week of April when they began the changeover process. 
The equipment was disassemble and the part remove that was causing the leak. The part was then sent to be repaired. Unfortunately, the repair time frame was a week for Facilities to get the part back from Price Solutions. 
Earlier today, another leak was found, about the size of a pin hole that was repaired this afternoon. 
Facilities HVAC technicians are working diligently to reassemble chiller, test the system and to ensure the system is clear of moisture - a process that takes 24 hours. 
On Friday morning, the HVAC technicians will add refrigerant to the chiller and charge the system. A process that takes about two hours. We anticipate the chiller operational by Friday afternoon. 
This is not ideal and we apologize that this has happened. Our goal at Morehead State University is to provide the best experience for our students and we will continue to strive to do just that. 

Thank you, 
Shayla Menville 
Marketing and Communications Manager 
Facilities Management  


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