Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Past, Present, Future: Camden-Carroll Library

Staying on the crescent of University Boulevard stands an eighty-six year old building that holds an abundance of history not only in its structure, but quite literally in its contents. 

The Camden-Carroll Library is probably one of the most academically-influential historic buildings on campus and many of us call it home during finals week.  Currently the CCL houses the University’s Archives, Appalachian Collection, James Still Room, Jesse Stuart Room, Patti Bolin Display, Learning Technology Lab, Learning Resource Center, and the Java City Coffee Shop. 

The library features technology centers and study spaces to help you with research and prepare class projects, as well as books, magazines, and journals that make it an iconic stop for continual education at MSU.

Built in 1930, the Johnson Camden Library sits prominently in the center of campus as a registered National Historic Place and was named for U.S. Senator Johnson N. Camden Jr.  It has undergone two expansions allowing it to hold the immense amount of educational resources for nearly 11,000 students from 110 Kentucky counties, 41 states and 31 nations

The first addition in 1965 expanded on the left side of the main structure and the second addition gives us what we know as the library tower, or the Julian Carroll Library Tower, named in recognition of Governor Julian Carroll. 

Currently, some work is being completed on limestone that is chipping on the historic structure.

When it comes to student education, the library offers programs such as free tutoring sessions for students needing assistance in any of their classes.  They offer a schedule that operates great hours during the week and a 24-hour operation schedule during semester finals weeks. 

During finals week operations, floors are designated for study areas that include quiet zones and napping zones and they also provide students who have a hard time separating themselves from the books with snacks.

It is evident that the Camden-Carroll Library plays a vital role in the academic state of MSU while also contributing to the rich and historic background of the University.  

Library before addition of tower.

Current view of main building and tower.

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