Friday, November 11, 2016

Past, Present, Future: Lundergan and Padula Halls

The Derrickson Agricultural Complex has recently seen two new residential halls erected on the farm. This has added much needed improvements to the living standards on the grounds. 

Lundergan Hall and Padula Hall are two-story apartment-style residential facilities that each feature four individual units housing six students, or 24 students in each building.  Each of the apartment units include three double-bedrooms with full size beds, three full bathrooms, washer and dryer accessibility, and a kitchen combined with a living quarters.  The luxury of these new facilities far exceeds previous offerings at the complex.

The first of the two identical structures, Lundergan Hall, was named after Mr. Eddie Lundergan, a man that gave so much of his own life to the success of the farm.  He began working at the MSU farm in 1979 after graduating with his Bachelor of Science in Animal Science. He began his tenure there as equine breeding coordinator and manager of the horse barn. In 1982 he became farm manager, a position he held until his 2006 retirement.  “He contributed his whole life to this place,” said MSU President Wayne Andrews, “he helped this farm become the agricultural sciences facility that it is today.”  Lundergan Hall was dedicated on Thursday, November 5, 2015 with many of Eddie’s family members in attendance.

The second of the two buildings to be completed is Padula Hall, named in honor of Mr. Michael Frances Padula.  Padula was the MSU Farm Maintenance Supervisor at the Derrickson Agricultural Complex for 25 years.  His life was cut short in 2012 at 53 years of age during a fishing accident, but his contributions to the Derrickson Complex and the University will now live on forever.  Family and friends explained that Mike, a strong man in his faith, enjoyed his work and treasured his friendships with coworkers and students. He especially liked giving tours to visiting elementary students.  Padula Hall is scheduled for dedication this Friday, November 11, 2016.

The progress of our University exceeds the boundaries of main campus, so if you’re ever traveling out near the farm grounds, be sure to check out these amazing additions to the landscape!  Stay tuned for more!

Lundergan Hall

Interior of new halls
Interior of new halls

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