Monday, August 1, 2016

Earl Clements traffic interruptions

Work continues to progress on our East Parking and Dining Complex. 

In order to stay on schedule Wehr Construction will require some vehicle traffic be prohibited over the next several days.

Wed., Aug. 3- From 4 a.m. to noon vehicle traffic will be fully blocked on Earl Clements Lane, near the cross section of Satellite Road. Wehr will be moving the crane from one place on the job site to another in order to install concrete panels. This time frame will also include securing the roadway and clearing it after the move. Foot traffic will be accessible. 

Thurs. and Fri., Aug. 4 and 5- Six concrete panels will be put into place for the Parking and Dining Complex. There will be intermittent traffic interruptions that could last up to an hour while the panels are moved. The majority of the time one lane will be open for vehicle traffic. Foot traffic will be accessible. 

Sat., Aug. 6- Earl Clements, near the cross section of Satellite Road, will be blocked from 4 a.m. to noon for vehicle traffic. Wehr will be moving the crane off the job site to begin disassembling. This time frame will also include securing the roadway and clearing it after the move. Foot traffic will be accessible.

Mon. and Tues., Aug. 8 and 9- Disassembling of the crane will occur. During this time the crane will be taken apart and moved by tractor trailer from an area near the job site. This will cause some traffic congestion on Earl Clements.

MSUPD has been made aware of the situation. Flaggers will be on site.

Thank you for patience and understanding as we work to make Morehead State, much more!

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