Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Student Tours: A Student's Perspective

Facilities Management spent several weeks taking groups of students on tours of the new residence hall on campus. The purpose of these tours were to engage students with all of our progress!

I wanted find out what some of the students thought about the tours and how their perspectives changed about the construction afterwards. Kennedy Womack and Brandon Bryer were both kind enough to give me their input.

Here’s a short bio on these two awesome students and what they thought about their tour.

Kennedy Womack is a junior, Government and Philosophy Double Major from Ashland, KY. She is a member of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority and serves as the Executive Vice President for the Student Government Association. She also is a member of the Relay for Life Committee, Phi Eta Sigma, the Pre-Law Society- NSCS, Love Your Melon Campus Crew, and College Democrats.

I asked Kennedy if her perspective changed about construction after the tour.

She said, “Yes it definitely did! I learned a lot about the inner workings of the new residence hall, which I was not aware of before the tour. I am extremely excited to see the final product, because the progress thus far looked great!”

She said that the after the tour she is much more aware of the need for the construction and that she understands that although the construction is not the most convenient thing, it is being done for a great outcome.

One thing that Kennedy learned on the tour was how the overall structure of the building and how the rooms would be set up.

She said, “After the tour, I understand how the inner and outer residence hall would be structured. This was quite helpful.”

When I asked about her overall experience she said, “The tour was very fun and all of Facilities Management team was so kind to the group. I loved getting to see the inside of the new residence hall and having the opportunity to be on a working construction site. It was a great opportunity! The tour was amazing and I would recommend it highly to anyone. I thought the experience could not have been better.”

Brandon Bryer is a freshman, Government Major and Business minor. He is on Morehead State’s NCAA Rifle team, a member of Student Government Association, Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), and MSU Students for Rand.

I asked Brandon if his perspective changed about construction after the tour. He said, “Yes, my perspective toward the construction changed greatly! From behind the fences it looks like a bunch of wood being put together, but after seeing the inside, it has taken shape and it was so cool to see my room for next semester and see all the amenities the new dorm will have.”

Brandon lived in Mignon Tower during the Spring semester and sometimes woke up to the blasts and clanks of the loud machinery outside his window at 8 a.m. He said that seeing the interior construction and how hard the guys are working to get the buildings put up, makes it all worth it. He said the tour changed his view of all the construction sites on campus because he knows they are going towards a really impressive cause.

A few things that Brandon learned on the tour that he didn’t know before was where the elevators were going to go, where and how many common rooms for studying and socializing were going to be on each floor, and that the building is almost entirely wood so that the Wi-Fi signals will be better in this building.

When I asked Brandon about his overall experience, he said, “I enjoyed actually standing in my room for next year. It was neat to see it now and then again in the fall when it is complete and ready to move into. I liked seeing the work they have been doing and how quickly it has taken shape. The overall experience was excellent! The tour guides were very helpful with questions anyone had and had a really well developed knowledge on the work being done. It was a safe environment. Again, it was cool to see where I will be living next year and all the upgrades there will be from where I am living now. Overall, it is a very useful and well organized opportunity for student organization representatives like myself to relay the great things being done here on campus.”

The Office of Facilities Management and I would like to thank these two along with all the other students who have been a part of these tours for getting involved and helping us make much more progress at Morehead State University! 

Student construction tour

Construction of new residence hall

Progress on construction of new residence hall

Kennedy Womack, Brandon Bryer, Sierra Crum, Melanie West, Anna Rucker, Leighann Neal, Andria Hansford

Andria Hansford is a junior studying Marketing and Public Relations at Morehead State University.
She is a student employee for Facilities Management. Hansford will be helping develop communication efforts on campus that highlight progress on projects.

She is Intramural Chair for the social sorority, Chi Omega and will be pursuing a graduate degree in Business Administration when she graduates.

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