Thursday, February 18, 2016

Temporary Dining: A Student's Perspective

This is my third year here on Morehead State University’s campus. As far as memories made ON campus, well, outside of class, many of them have been made in one building during that in-between-class transition. 

The Adron Doran University Center, or as we have come to know it as ADUC is where those memories have been made. It has been the main place for me, and many of you alike to eat, socialize, and just kill the time in between classes.  Many last minute study sessions, many laugh until you choke on your food moments, many seating arrangements that you’ve come to know as YOUR spot, all can be credited to ADUC. 

But soon our university center will be closing its doors, at least to the portion that you’ve become accustomed to on a daily basis. (The Bookstore will still be open.)  DON’T WORRY! It’s only temporary. 

The Facilities Management Team has been planning and is now executing measures to improve our beloved ADUC and make it into something you could have never even imagined!

Plans feature various new food options including a sports pub, MOE’s Pizza, Which Wich, and Steak & Shake.  Outside of the food options, it will include a coffee lounge, a theater, multiple student lounges, and more additions to be finalized!

Until that amazing project is complete, the Facilities Management Team still has our best interests in mind!  I’m sure that most of you have noticed the new construction site just outside of the Lloyd Cassity Building and behind Lappin Hall.  This serves a great purpose to us, the students! 

Starting on June 1, following the May 15 shutdown of ADUC, this facility will house the new temporary dining facility. Don’t you worry, they are incorporating many of the fan favorites.  This temporary dining facility will include a Starbucks, a Chick-fil-A, Croutons (yes the wonderful salads are coming with), Asian Express, a Mexican Express, and a pizza/deli eatery.  All of this in preparation for some truly amazing things to happen on this wonderful campus. 

I personally CANNOT wait!  The privileges and amenities that will be offered to us after these projects are complete are going to be Much More than our alumni were ever extended!  It’s a great day to be an Eagle!

Brandon Heinrich, is a junior Engineering Technology student at Morehead State University. 
He is a work study for Facilities Management. Heinrich has been an integral part of developing social media presence and often tours the construction sites, documenting progress.
He is Vice President of Pi Kappa Phi and a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

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