Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Safety First! Snow Removal Plan

Snow Removal Plan-General Information

Snow removal and ice control management is extremely important to the continuous operation of Morehead State University during the winter season, which can extend from October through April of each year. Proper removal of snow and control of ice is important to the safety and welfare of the students, faculty, and staff who utilize the campus, and is the explicit task as well as an obligation of the Office of Facilities Management to carry out in an efficient and effective manner. The purpose of this plan is to outline and list overall objectives, responsibilities, and priorities of the crews responsible for carrying out these operations.

Goals and Priorities

The Office of Facilities Management's goal is to keep the campus clear and safe for all the students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

The general priorities for snow/ice removal are listed as follows:

1. Roads, walks, steps, emergency exits, and ramps.

2. Primary walks, ramps, steps, and roads.

3. Parking Lots

4. Secondary walks, ramps, steps, and roads.

*Please refer to the MSU Campus Snow Removal Map for road and sidewalk priorities.

Snow/lce Removal Priorities

There are three (3) priorities within the Snow Removal Plan as defined below:

Priorities are based on a I, 2, and 3 code system: In the event where heavy snow accumulations occur during university business hours, snow removal efforts will be focused on select roads, sidewalks, and building access points. This is to enable crews to maintain at least one clear path to each building.

1.  Priority I areas are considered MSU's high traffic locations and are critical to MSU operations. Please refer to the MSU Campus Snow Removal Map for Priority I areas as the roads and sidewalks will be addressed first when a snow/ice event has occurred. Priority 1 areas are as follows: Administration Building, Academic Buildings, Resident Hall entryways and sidewalks, University Blvd, and Battson-Oats Dr.

2.  Please refer to the MSU Campus Snow/ ice Removal Map for Priority 2 areas .Service to Priority 2 will not begin until all Priority 1 areas are safe for travel. Priority 2 areas are as follows: Playforth Pl., Vaughan Dr., Martindale Dr., Earle Clements Ln., Chandler Pl., Page Dr., Evans Branch Dr., Henry Ward Pl., Fourth St., and Third St. Most parking lots on MSU campus are a Priority 2.

3.  Please refer to the MSU Campus Snow/ ice Removal Map for Priority 3 areas. After Priorities 1 and 2 are safe for travel then Priority 3 will be addressed. The areas in Priority 3 are as follows: Farm, Procurement, KCTM, and KY Folk Art Center.

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