Thursday, February 25, 2016

Safety First! March Traffic Reminders

March will be a busy month for construction efforts on campus. Please be aware and use caution.

Tuesday, March 1: Temporary Dining
·         A crane will be brought in by pieces and put together on site.
·         There will be limited access at the front of Lloyd Cassity Hall and on Third Street.
·         This will cause congestion on Tippett Ave. when the trucks are arriving and departing from delivering the crane.
·         Transportation will begin between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. Once the delivery is complete traffic will return to normal.
·         The crane will be delivered, put together, complete the placement of the frame, broken down, and will be taken off site.
·         Some congestion will occur around 3 p.m. when the crane is being hauled away.

Thursday- Friday, March 3 and 4: East Parking and Dining
·         A crane will arrive and be delivered on trucks.
·         Traffic will be disrupted on University Blvd. and Earle Clements Dr.
·         Some traffic will be stopped as the trucks arrive in planned intervals.
·         At times, there will be persons directing traffic so that the process can be done smoothly.
·         We encourage students in Alumni Tower to not park in the non-parking zone that is often used for unloading vehicles across from the construction site.
·         MSU Police Department may have to tow if vehicles are left in the path of the trucks.

March 7 through March 25:  East Parking and Dining
·         Pre-cast concrete delivery will begin with 15 to 30 truckloads per day.
·         Installation of the pre-cast concrete will begin once it is on site and continue until March 25.
·         There will be impact on vehicle and pedestrian traffic along University Blvd. and Earle Clements Drive.
·         There will be times when a person is directing traffic.
·         This will not close down the roadway and we encourage those on campus to follow similar traffic directions to the March 3-4 traffic.

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