Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hot and Cold: A day in the life at Facilities Management

  As temperatures are rising and falling throughout the ever changing winter season we have in Kentucky, please be aware that Facilities Management will not be able to transition from heating to cooling.
 The process to change the buildings over to heat or air takes about a week- it includes turning off all the heating units (some buildings have multiple), getting chillers filled with coolant, and powering them all up.
  By the time our Building Maintenance team turned the air on, the Kentucky weather would almost certainly be back in the freezing temperatures.
  We cannot return to AC until a spring date, which has yet to be determined. These large industrial units require a lengthy process to prepare and are very different than a home thermostat.

   If your building is warmer than usual, please be patient with us. Facilities Management is dedicated to doing everything in our power to making your experience at Morehead State University, much more enjoyable. 

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