Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Snow day: A Student's Perspective

 Since the snow is finally melting and temperatures are beginning to rise, I felt that now would be a good time to recognize what an incredible job our crews did of making sure campus was kept safe!
    As a student living off campus, I noticed such a big difference in the roads on campus as opposed to the roads off campus. When I came onto campus, I constantly saw trucks plowing the roads and crews snow blowing and salting the sidewalks despite the blizzard like conditions.
    The snow was falling rapidly and our crews decided to brave the cold to make sure campus was safe for us to walk and drive on.
    Think about it this way; while we were cozied up in our dorms/apartments on Friday, ecstatic to have a day off from class, crews were hard at work- making sure the roads and sidewalks were clean.
   When we came back Monday, Facilities Management even offered to help student’s clear snow from our vehicles in MSU lots in addition to the work that they were already doing!
    To me, this says a lot about the employees at Facilities Management. They sacrificed their snow day to keep students safe. 

    So the next time there’s a big snow, be sure to thank a crew member for keeping our roads and sidewalks safe!
Andria Hansford

Andria Hansford is a junior studying Marketing and Public Relations at Morehead State University.
She is a student employee for Facilities Management. Hansford will be helping develop communication efforts on campus that highlight progress on projects.

She is Intramural Chair for the social sorority, Chi Omega and will be pursuing a graduate degree in Business Administration when she graduates.

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