Monday, January 25, 2016

Embracing Change: A Student’s Perspective

  When I first came onto Morehead State University’s campus in the fall of 2013 I must say that I fit the cliché of the typical college student that was lost in their own transitional thinking. 

I was thrown into a new atmosphere, a new selection process of friends, and a whole new tentative schedule as far as academics and extra-curricular activities were concerned. And as many college students do when they first arrive on campus, I went through the motions waiting for someone to tell me otherwise. I would see projects on campus and walk past as if they didn’t concern me, as many of you do when you walk past these construction sites in current progress.

The most thought given was to how they hindered my walk to class or my sleeping in on the weekends. As an applied engineering student, it was hard to convince myself that getting involved with the progress of my university was a duty of mine. What did I know? What was my place in the matter?

Well the truth is, we as students have everything to do with the matter, and we should take pride in it. Now into my junior year at MSU as an engineering technology major, I have been presented many opportunities that have allowed me to voice my opinion for myself and my peers.

I have taken classes in structural design, computer aided design, and material sciences that have given me background knowledge on the subject of infrastructure and its impact on society.

You can view your education as strictly classroom based or you can take your knowledge and go see how it is truly applied in the real world. I have the privilege of working at the Facilities Management Office and visiting each of the construction sites, seeing the plans being put into action, working with the people who drew them up, and knowing what my campus is going to offer me while I am here and what it is going to offer for future generations to come. It is truly amazing.

Understand that as you walk the campus now, crews are working to build a $28 million residential facility; the first on campus to go up since Cartmell Tower in 1969. That means generations of alumni for nearly the past 50 years have not gotten to see this campus progress the way you’re getting to now. Hopefully, that makes you think differently about those excavators and dump trucks.

Across the road from that, another team is working to construct a $17.6 million parking and dining structure that will cover in total about 135,000 square feet! Just a couple of years prior, everyone on this campus knew this patch of land as the site of Waterfield Hall, and believe me, it looks better as a construction zone than an AC window unit residence hall.

These are only two of the examples of what is to come. Over at the Academic Athletic Center, a renovation to turn the old McClure Pool into the new home for the MSU Lady Eagles Volleyball Team has made excellent strides.

Across campus at the Adron Doran University Center, plans are in place for an expansion that is going to present accommodations for students to go crazy over! These plans feature various new food options including a sports pub, MOE’s Pizza, Which Wich, and Steak & Shake. It will include a coffee lounge, a theater, multiple student lounges, and more additions to be finalized.

My advice to any students walking campus, freshmen or not, stay informed and know what your campus is going to do for you. What is coming is extraordinary!

Don’t be intimidated to get involved. Don’t wait for the opportunity to come to your doorstep. Instead, walk out the front door and go searching for it. Find a way to stay updated and have a voice in the matter. Follow social media, read posts, inquire on projects, talk to people, INVOLVE YOURSELF! I mean, this is your home for four years so make it all that you can while you are here.

See how MUCH MORE, MSU really does have to offer.
Brandon Heinrich
Brandon Heinrich, is a junior Engineering Technology student at Morehead State University. 
He is a work study for Facilities Management. Heinrich has been an integral part of developing social media presence and often tours the construction sites, documenting progress.
He is Vice President of Pi Kappa Phi and a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. 

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